Shape Life 5hd (UDU) [8/die] 80pts (Author: ToferC)

Useful +1 (Heal) (1/die): Capacities: Range (160m); Extras & Flaws: Engulf (+2/die), Go Last (-1/die), Obvious - (-1/die), Slow (-2/die)

Defend (Regenerate) (6/die): Capacities: Self; Extras & Flaws: Interference (+3/die), Endless (+3/die), Always On (-1/die), Obvious - (-1/die)

Useful (Restore Vigor) (1/die): Capacities: Range (160m); Extras & Flaws: If/Then 1 - Only living things (-1/die), Exhausted (-3/die)

Effect: Character can heal Width +1 SK to all hit locations, gobble 5x10 from all attacks as they regenerate and can remove ageing or disease from any living thing.
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