Wraith Form 6d+1wd (ADUUU) [9/die] 90pts (Author: ToferC)

Attack (Wraith Touch) (1/die): Capacities: Self; Extras & Flaws: Non-Physical (+2/die), Horrifying (-1/die), Touch Only (-2/die)

Defend (Defend) (2/die): Capacities: Self

Useful (Insubstantiality) (4/die): Capacities: Mass (1.60tons); Extras & Flaws: Duration (+2/die)

Useful (Flight) (1/die): ; Extras & Flaws: Booster 1 (+1/die), Attached 2 - Insubstantiality (-2/die)

Useful (Invisibility) (1/die): Capacities: Self; Extras & Flaws: Duration (+2/die), Attached 2 - Insubstantiality (-2/die), If/Then 1 - Living things only (-1/die)

Effect: Wraith can turn insubstantial, and when insubstantial he can fly and even make himself invisible by letting light pass through his body. Unfortunately he doesn’t have as fine control over the invisibility as the rest of his powers; he can turn clothing or even other people that he touches insubstantial, but can only turn his own body invis- ible (or other living matter, but not anything a passenger is wearing or carrying). He can use his power to attack by “phasing” into the space occupied by a target, which can be dodged normally but ignores armor. He can use it to defend by simply phasing in time for an attack to pass harmlessly through him.
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