() Barrier Control Utility Functions (UD) [8/die] 0pts (Author: Swervithan)

Useful (Puts a dome over a target for the duration, containing them, until they break out, you release the target, or the dome is broken.) (4/die): Capacities: Range (10m) Mass (25kg); Extras & Flaws: Power Capacity 1 (+1/die), Radius 1 (+2/die), Duration (+2/die), If/Then 1 - They can’t hit you, but you also can’t hit them, until this is broken (-1/die), Obvious - There’s a big fucking barrier around them, they’ll notice. (-1/die), Attached 1 - Attached to Defense quality (-1/die)

Defend +1 (Defends the target within the dome) (4/die): Capacities: Range (10m) Mass (25kg); Extras & Flaws: Hardened Defense (+2/die), Power Capacity 1 (+1/die), Armored Defense (-2/die)

Effect: Actually Create and Control () barriers but that’s a bit wordy. Users of this power can defend, attack, and contain targets with (a matter or energy) that condenses into a dome disc or several polygonal shapes to cover a specific person or object.
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