Complex Threads 2d+2hd+1wd (U) [4/die] 40pts (Author: ToferC)

Useful () (4/die): Capacities: Range (160m); Extras & Flaws: Variable Effect (+4/die), Duration (+2/die), If/Then 2 - Only in Matrix (-2/die), If/Then 1 - Only for variable effect (-1/die), Custom Flaw 1 - Fade (-1/die)

Effect: Cleaner: Illegal actions leave traces in the Matrix, but the Resonance can erase a few of them. Reduce the target’s Overwatch Score by 1 per point of width. Data Mask: Resonance energy coils around you, hiding you from GOD. As long as you sustain this com-plex form and the target doesn’t hop to another grid, the veiled persona’s Overwatch Score doesn’t increase due to time. It still increases as a result of the target’s illegal actions, though. Editor: You infuse a file with Resonance long enough to manipulate its contents. You can make the same amount of changes to the file that you would be able to make with your net hits in Edit File actions. Puppeteer: You push Resonance commands into a target, forcing it to perform a Matrix action. Pick a target and a Matrix action for it to perform. If you succeed, the target performs that Matrix action as its next available action. Resonance veil: This complex form lets you make the target believe something has happened in the Matrix. Even if the target has reason to believe what it’s seeing is fake, it needs to make a Matrix Perception Test with a threshold equal to your net hits to see through the illusion. Tattletale: The Resonance can be used to mimic the telltale signs of illegal activity in the Matrix to your target’s sorrow. For each hit, increase the target’s Overwatch Score by 1. This only works if your target has an Overwatch Score.
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