Rocket Fist 2hd (AU) [4/die] 16pts (Author: Swervithan)

Attack (Punch targets at range, but if your rocket fist gets lost or stolen you might not be able to use it again) (3/die): Capacities: Range (20m); Extras & Flaws: Daze (+1/die), Speeding Bullet (+2/die), Depleted - (-1/die), Focus - (-1/die)

Useful (can pick up objects from afar and return them to the character) (1/die): Capacities: Range (20m) Mass (50kg); Extras & Flaws: Power Capacity 1 (+1/die), Depleted - (-1/die), Focus - (-1/die)

Effect: Launch your fist off at an enemy at range.
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