Pheromone Boost (U) [3/die] 0pts (Author: Swervithan)

Useful () (3/die): Capacities: Range (10m); Extras & Flaws: Duration (+2/die), Radius 1 (+2/die), Subtle (+1/die), Automatic (-1/die), Attached 1 - Persuasion Deception (-1/die), If/Then 1 - only affects males (-1/die), If/Then 1 - must share a language and they must see and hear you (-1/die)

Effect: You can control the target’s behavior for the power’s duration (that’s one round unless you take the Duration or Endless Extra). The target can oppose your power’s roll with a Stability Skill roll. After the first round, the target can get another attempt to throw off your power with a Stability roll by spending a point of Willpower or Base Will. Note that this power does not allow you to read minds, only control them, and you must speak to the target and be understood.
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